1. Scanning the Factual Outcome of Intervention Program on Scholastic Achievement and Cognitive Abilities of 9 year old Students

  Marwaha Shruti, Sinha A.K. and Sahani, Ramesh

2. Design of State Feedback Control for a FOPDT System

  Aravind Pitchai Venkataraman and Naveen Kumar A B

3. A Uncitedess study of Faculty Publication in Dharwad University and Mysore University: A study

  Harisha, K.J and Satheesha. H

4. Experimental Studies on Strength of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement and Coarse Aggregate with Silica Fume and Road Demolition Waste

  Naveen Kumar A.B, Vivekananthan V and Chithra.P

5. Food-Energy-Intake (Fei) Measures and Analysis of Poverty in Urban Ethiopia

  Abebe Fentaw Nebebe

6. Social Justice and Relevance of Ambedkarism Today

  Pyditalli Duppada

7. Evolution and Growth of Corporate Social Responsibility in India

  J Vasavi, and R S N Chaitanya

8. Intergenerational Perspectives of Marriage

  Advani Nivruti Gautam, and Ms. Rita Kumar

9. Aham Brahmasmi : “I am Brahman - I am Spirit Soul”

  Koppula Victor Babu

10. The Concept of Liberation in the Svetasvataropanishad

  A.V.Krishna Rao

11. Library User Orientation at Higher Education Institutions

  Vasantha M C and Adithya Kumari H

12. Employees’ Job Attitude and Satisfaction in Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Undertakings

  R.Janakiraman and R.K.Sudha

13. Women Emancipation, and Indian Constitution:Special Reference to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Contribution

  Ramya. B

14. Assessment of Strategic Marketing Practice: The Case of Ano Agro-Industry (P.L.C)

  Shiferaw Tamiru Gutema

15. Confidentiality in the Age of HIV/Aids –A Legal Perspective

  S.Sreenivasa Rao

16. Depression and Emotional Maturity as Predictors of Suicide Ideation Among Young Adults

  Nivruti Advani and Vaishali Rawat

17. Learning Skills Towards ICT of Prospective Teachers: A Study of Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, India

  K. Murali and M. Ravi Kumar

18. Indian Banking Innovations in Cashless Economy

  N.P.S.V.N.Murthy and M.Sarada Devi

19. Is Prāmāṇya Svataḥ or Parataḥ?: A Controversy in Indian Philosophy

  Dinanath Ghatak

20. An Economic Analysis of Mango Cultivation in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu, India

  N.Saravanakumar, and I. Ambeth

21.Patchathntrymintre Vyakthitvikas

  Hemalatha D and Padmanabham G

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