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Peer Reviewed and Refereed International Journal


  • Peer Reviewed and Refereed International Journal

About Us

About the Journal………
IJICAR, a Journal of Multidisciplinary focuses on critical and creative research. This journal seeks to promote original research and cultivate fruitful dialogues between previous and innovative thoughts.

The journal promotes original academic research in Humanities, Culture, Comparative Education, Social Sciences, Rural Development, Engineering and Technology, Sciences, Art, Commerce and Management. Providing an insight, to transform lives is the motto. One can utilize the opportunities and face challenges of this changing world.


The million-development goal laid its emphasis on “people centered approach” to recognize human and social capital for sustainable development. These include economic strategies and many other emerging trends.

·         Goal is to create sustainable improvement in the quality of life among the common people.

·         Stake holder-oriented programs, to facilitate increase in per capita income of individual facilities

·         To empower people in the areas of health, economy, polity and education.


·         To publish original empirical research and theoretical studies on adult education, lifelong learning, extension, and economic relations studies.

·         To generate interest in civil society movements, studies on democracy, problems of marginalized sections, cross border terrorism, violation of human rights, ecology, environment and issues in governance at the regional and national level.

The object is simple and that is to provide a forum for scholarly dialogue on a broad range of topics significant to our times and cultures.

Scope & Coverage 

 Authors are invited to submit scientific and research articles, technical reports, position papers and review papers that are multidisciplinary in nature in all areas of science, technology, arts, management, business, social sciences, health sciences, environmental sciences, agriculture, engineering, humanities and all other domain of research or study.  Papers/Article submission are accepted on rolling basis. All articles are subjected to a rigorous peer review process. 


The International Journal of Interdisciplinary current Advanced Research (IJICAR) is an International Inter-disciplinary Journal, The Journal focuses especially on promoting multidisciplinary and inter-tertiary research in all countries while also welcoming submissions from all other parts of the world. IJICAR publishes original articles, short articles, position papers, technical papers and extended version of papers presented at Conferences globally. As an open access, peer-reviewed, and fully refereed journal, the IJICAR Journal focuses on theories, methods and applications in all areas and fields of human endeavor. The IJICAR Journal promotes multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, collaborative and inter-tertiary research as a holistic approach to the application of knowledge in solving human capital and global research and development challenges.

The Journal accepts Research Articles/Papers, Case Studies, Empirical Research, Survey Studies, Theoretical Papers, Position Papers, Experimental Design Papers, Technical Reports & Short Communication. Articles are freely available for download online. 

About Editor………

Mr Satheesha H, (b.1985, July,22) Worked as Assistant Professor in Institute of Management Information System, Mettu University, Mettu, Ethiopia and also working as Editor-in-Chief to IJICAR

He obtained his Bachelor Degree with a First Class and Master of Library and Information Science and Pursuing Doctoral degree in Library and Information Science from Mysore university, Mysore, Karnataka, India.

He is having an outstanding commitment to his research and finished his Master degree within the top five of his class. He was a remarkable student, researcher and faculty member with a strong research interest. And he has submitted his Master degree.

Regarding his potential in the research on Library and Information Science is unique. Satheesha H has presented research papers in National seminars and International Conferences on the relevant subjects. He is an amicable and friendly person and has a sense of dedication towards his research work. 

He is an erudite scholar, a teacher par excellence, a rare combination of excellent qualities blended into a pleasing personality. He has extensive research experience in Library and Information Science. He has published many research publications in International and National journals of repute